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I’m posting these because I wanted to let you guys hear about my idea and stuff that I am working on with my Bestie.

This is Sugarplum Valley.

Sugarplum Valley is set in a faraway land of sugar where everyone has something uniquely special about them but not in the ways of, say, My Little Pony, where their talents are things like art and music etc. They have those talents too, but what makes them interesting is that they have those talents AND each of them are not really “normal” because positive representation is EVERYTHING to a child.

If this were a real show, the characters would spend their time working out conflicts and learning things like most shows for kids, but it’s goal would be to show them coming to terms with themselves and loving themselves for who they are and understanding that their disabilities do not define them in a negative way. I think as a child I would have LOVED to have a character who was A.D.H.D. who wasn’t just “the hyper one who never pays attention and gets yelled at for it” 

For example: 

Caramel Bunny is painfully shy and introverted and she loves poetry but needs a lot of time for herself. Her friends respect her need for space and KNOW how to get her to come out of her shell but also respect tat she needs her space. So like…. her friends wouldn’t be trying to deliberately make her less shy they would just be with her when she was ready.

Cordialle Kitty, like me, has Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.H.D.) and she absolutely loves to bake. She forgets dates and has sticky notes everywhere to help her remember things and she often gets distracted but her friends would try and help her focus in positive ways, instead of blaming her if she forgets an appointment, and offering ways of assisting if need be etc. 

Sundae Monkey speaks with a stutter and she loves to draw (mostly flowers). She has trouble getting her full sentences out and it gets worse if she is nervous, but her friends are patient and love to hear the stories she likes to tell. 

Creme Puppy is Dyslexic and loves to dance and make music. She rearranges the lyrics to songs sometimes and sometimes gets her words backwards but a slight confirmation from her friends and practice with her pop songs helps her to arrange her words in the correct order she hears them. And even if she doesn’t get it right, her friends are just happy to see her because she’s so energetic and the life of the party!

Sweetie Koala is mute and always cheerful. She’s a good listener and likes to hear people’s secrets because her friends always trust her with them. She loves knitting scarves and hats for her friends and though she can’t speak, her delightful personality speaks volumes. 

Cinnamon Panda has Asperger’s Syndrome and is an avid collector of every book imaginable. She loves fantasy and love stories and though sometimes she’s not all that good at explaining when she likes something, her friends can tell she she is really excited that it must be something she loves to pieces. 

Mello Sheep is legally deaf but that doesn’t stop her from dancing to Creme Puppy’s beats when she feels it in her bones! She can speak a little because she was not always deaf, but mostly, like Sweetie Koala, she signs to communicate. She absolutely ADORES taking pictures of her friends and scrapbooking them.

Berry Mouse is blind and she walks with a cane but sometimes she clicks to get around with echolocation. Her favourite past time is singing and she has a beautiful voice. While her inability to see does bother her a bit when her friends speak of a lovely rainbow or the like, she tends to find beauty in music and likes to associate certain notes and feelings to what it is her friends are seeing. 

Ginger Fox is a transgender boy who is completely obsessed with hockey. He’s loved the sport since he was very little! His transition into being a boy is fairly recent and he still gets confused which bathroom he should use sometimes, but he never lets the frilly things his friends wear bother him too much. He still considers the girls his best friends even if he never felt comfortable himself being a girl.

Mint Lemur is a transgender girl who loves to dance ballet. She’s been best friends with Coco Sheep since they were kids and has loved him probably for just as long. She always invites her friends to her ballet recitals.

Coco Sheep is Mello’s albino older brother, and he has a photographic memory. Sometimes he finds his memory to be a bit irritating since he remembers just about everything, including the good and the bad things, but he loves to help out Cordialle when she needs to remember things. He is madly in love with Mint and secretly he plans to ask her to marry him some time soon.  

After these come the SweetTart Trio- a group of what might be called antagonists, but it’s more complex than that because they are not actually horrible people. 

Candy Poodle is a compulsive liar and because of this she sometimes sounds really really mean, even though she tries not to. She doesn’t understand why the other characters are such good friends and wants to be a part of their group, but because she lies so much she feels like they’ll never trust her. They do eventually though and they learn to recognize what her lies actually mean. Because of her lying, she is actually really good at telling hilarious jokes because she can easily set up a scene to make it sound absolutely hilarious! She’s a bit of a clown too~

Twizzle (Swizzle?) Ferret is a kleptomaniac who likes to collect shiny things. She doesn’t really mean to steal things and often she isn’t aware she is doing it. She tries to remember what she took from where but it’s not always easy, so at the end of each month she holds a garage sale without actually selling anything, in hopes people will remember what item is theirs and be able to take it back. Before they realized she wasn’t stealing on purpose, the others thought she was doing it to be mean, but they learned otherwise. She is really good at puzzles and has the biggest collection of shiny things in Sugarplum valley. 

Cake Bat is simply unable to say no. She is a people-pleaser and sometimes it means she neglects her own needs. Many times poor Cake has run herself ragged trying to make everyone happy. She just wants to see people smiling and doesn’t always realize what saying ‘yes’ all the time means. Her friends try not to ask her for too many things because they know she is like this. Her favourite past time is roller skating and she is pretty good at it!

I would LOVE to make this a TV series or a doll series or SOMETHING…..

I am working on a few more as well, a boy in a wheel chair and a girl who is an amputee. Also perhaps and epileptic.

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