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Do transplant patients feel the same as the donor?  -  WTF fun facts


Scary Godmother.





"Mom, Dad…I’m a thespian."

*aggressively snaps while dramatically exiting stage right*

"The Bible says Adam and Eve,

not *snap snap* *jazz hands* and *dramatic leave*”

Mom: “your just going through a stage”

Me: “no mom, I’m going on stage” *strikes dramatic pose*



Can someone give me an actual example of a female hero who is portrayed as a “tomboy”?

Literally every female hero is hyper feminine.

This is such a common thread and it really drives me up the wall… Like this post is literally describing most of sailor moon and totally spies, they use beauty products to fight. And as far as adult superheroes/fighters go, all the female characters are highly sexy and feminine. The ONLY thing I can think of that has actual, non sexualized tomboy fighter characters is game of thrones, and they’re not even heroes or anything, or maybe the girl in kickass, who isn’t even a tomboy she just has massive amounts of internalized misogyny. Where does this imaginary invisibility complex come from in regards to feminine heroes in media? Every female hero on big screens is feminine!!! Maybe I can see something like “I wish feminine heroes in media made for adults didn’t have to be so sexualized for the male gaze”? That would be a totally valid complaint. Asking for “less tomboys” when there is basically NO representation for tomboys/butch/gender nonconforming women is so… So selfish and hurtful.

I agree. There ARE people who do this in the media (there’s not enough of them though).

The media likes to trap women into two categories if they are “strong female fighters”. 

Either they wear sexy outfits and fight with a blunt force like a man and have huge weapons like a man (this happens more in video games mostly) OR they are ditsy and stereotypical and fight with makeup etc. 

The media is afraid to give a woman power without a catch like being an air head or needing to rely on men.

Now note this isn’t ALWAYS the case, especially in recent years. But maybe 20 years ago it was even unheard of for a woman to hold a Star Wars Blasting Gun. They were shocked to see Leia not just standing on the sidelines and maybe using the occasional vase to bash n a head.Nope, she was in a dress/gown/thing and still kicking ass.

But more to the point, I think a lot of women are misinterpreting what they want.

Motherly attributes are not considered “strong”. Things like embroidery and sewing and frilly pink dresses etc. aren’t considered practical or strong when it comes to fighting so since they are not seen in movies or in the media it seems to devalue them. 

How often do you see a woman wearing a hug frilly outfit kicking ass and NOT having to use a big gun or a tight outfit or pants? 

And there’s another stereotype too- 

Things like totally Spies-they kick ass with nail polish but can appear quite ditsy and stupid (Clover is a big example of this). Sam in Totally Spies was the only one considered the “smart” one because clover was a Valley Girl (and an air head) and Alex was also quite ditsy. It’s as if girls who fight with girly things are SHALLOW.

Sailor Moon fights in girly outfits and makeup but her outfit is highly sexualized and in the English adaptation (I don’t know if this happens in the Japanese) she is also very whiny and selfish. Again, as if being girly is a bad thing.

A LOT of times, girls are given “masculine” traits to appear as “better fighters”. Astrid fights with a more masculine style. She has a skirt but pants too and that’s practical, but she displayed hardly ANY feminine traits. this is why I personally found that in the second movie seeing her being slightly feminine was nice.  She leaps into action, carries a big ax and generally doesn’t appear to like anything feminine. Can you imagine her wearing a dress? 

Korra- hardly ever wears or does feminine things. She has a very masculine style of fighting and is the type of person to act before she thinks it through sometimes. 

Merida hated some of her dresses because they were uncomfortable (she’d probably have worn pants if she could have) and she climbed trees and didn’t care if she was scruffy or dirty or stuffed her face. 

She was not generally what the public considers “feminine”. 

Femininity in the case they are trying to make, is where a girl is a strong leader who can make good tough decisions while in a pink fluffy dress who can fight without wearing pants because she WANTS to wear dresses. Her outfit isn’t sexualized it just IS frilly. And it’s frilly by choice and no one thinks less of her because of it. they don’t underestimate her because she is in a dress. 

It’s more of a want for people to see a woman in a skirt and heels and not automatically assume she can’t kick ass just because she’s “feminine” or in a dress. 

A GREAT example of this is Bo Peep from Once Upon a Time. She is in HUGE frilly dresses and wears them because she wants to and she has muscly body guards but they re literally just for show because she doesn’t NEED them to protect her. If she wants to kick ass with a sword she does it in pink frills and she doesn’t have to be masculine to do it. 

She doesn’t have to wear pants, she doesn’t have to be sexy. She doesn’t have to use her body to manipulate her opponent. She’s assumed to be strong and powerful even in her giant pink dress. She’s not underestimated or called weak or made fun of because she is female. She doesn’t have to PROVE she is equal to a man when she fights, she just IS and you KNOW it. None of the characters show any difference to how they fight her than to how they would fight a man. 

THIS is what people probably mean when they say they want more feminine fighters. 

They want female fighters who don’t have to prove to men that they can fight just as good. If they want to fight in heels they can without it being sexy. They want a mother of two to defend her children from invaders with a kitchen spoon as if she’s a ninja in an apron. They want a woman to not have to fight like a man. they want a woman to be valued however she is and not be given traits like she is caddy or ditsy, whiny or bitchy JUST because she’s a woman. 

Basically they want women in media to be treated as equals to men no matter how they fight or what they wear. 


That face you make when you find weird shit at stores, and then offer it to your friend.






my stepsister thought this apple was real and she took a few bites before realizing it was fake



How old was your stepsister? Because my little bro accidentally switched his coco and my dad’s coffee and neither of them realized it until dad wondered why they put chocolate in his coffee. 

Suffice it to say my bro was hyper for two hours after that. 

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