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 i will reblog this as many times as it takes me to stop finding this funny



happy halloweenie month!! dis image is only 4 tha SPOOKIEST OF BLOGS!!! OK!!?? USE WITH CAUTION!!

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halloween’s coming early on tumblr


Hijack smut week Day 5: Blind au

The first drawing I did for the hijack smut week. I wanted to put the accent on the “touch”, the “feels”, and the love (of course), show how they care about each other, hope I did it right. 

Jack is blind, Hiccup wish to see and understand his world and be equal with him, that’s why he hide his eyes. 

I won’t lie, I was thinking of httyd2 with the scene with toothless in the final battle when I drew Hiccup. 

remember to drink lots of water, because your insides are a swampy bog and a water shortage would affect the local frog population












math is awesome



oh my god



hawkeye stop sleeping around so much or at least use protection jesus christ



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jesus why are people getting so up-in-arms over something so trivial? people need to learn to respect other's preferences and stop being rude about it. sorry this sparked such a shitstorm. you doing okay?


i don’t know, I honestly didn’t want to start anything like this…. it was just one little stupid post i wasn’t even going to make. 
I just thought that, y’know, it was finally okay to have my preference. I started realizing that, y’know, this is fantasy and I can like what I like, and I have friends who respect me anyway. I just thought that maybe those friends wouldn’t mind tagging for me. I mean, I had a friend who I really look up to start tagging top!hic on her blog, since I follow her, so I could block it, and I didn’t ask her to, she just did. So I thought it’d be fine to see if other people also wouldn’t mind, since it seemed like the top/bottom wars had stopped… 
apparently I was wrong though… I really hate this…
I just hate how unfair it is, that top!hic and muscular/masculine/punk hiccup is like, celebrated but making him more feminine is like some sort of taboo… I mean, shouldn’t both be respected equally? Shouldn’t everyone’s preferences and aus be respected equally?
its not like i’m telling real people how to live, its just fictional characters, I don’t see the big deal. like i said, it’s the same as dragon toothcup shippers, they don’t forcing animals into sex or shit like that, jfc. it’s all just fantasy, not real.
there have been some people that have been super nice about it, telling me my post is ok and not ridiculous and that the anon is being a jerk. I’m really grateful for those, they make me feel a bit better.
Like another friend told me, people will always find a way to be offended by something, it can’t be helped… 
thank you so much for this message though, sweetheart, it made me feel a lot better. My stomach hurts and I kinda wish I could just delete my tumblr, but I won’t, and I’m okay. thank you <3

Everyone should be allowed to have their preferences and requestting that people tag their tuff is not a bad thing- actually I encourage it. And I encourage it because not only does it help people to not see things they don’t want to see, but tagging also helps people FIND it who are looking for it. How is this a bad thing to request? But more to the point, you are allowed to have your preferences and anyone who makes you feel bad for having them is being rude. I think it is very shallow of them to come to you and say rude things for you just having an opinion. If THEY can’t handle your request (because you didn’t even demand it, you asked politely) then they are the ones t fault. You weren’t doing anything but asking people to tag stuff- that’s a simple request. 

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